Empowering Communities


The ‘Live and Let Live’ Project

Sri Lanka is home to the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) and a significant wild elephant population. However, deforestation, urbanisation, and agricultural expansion have led to increasing conflict between human settlements and natural elephant routes. Despite efforts by authorities, few conflict resolution methods have been effective.

In collaboration with the Centre for Conservation and Research (CCR) and TUI Foundation Germany, Cinnamon Nature Trails initiated the 'Live and Let Live' Project. This project focuses on fencing villages rather than elephants, aiming to protect wild elephants from human communities. As a pilot, solar-powered community fencing has been installed in a 5km radius in Bediwewa, protecting over 100 families.


“Sara Midula” Community Home Gardening Initiative

The Community Home Gardening Initiative, in partnership with the John Keells Foundation, addresses present and future food security concerns in Sri Lanka. With over 1,000 home gardens implemented, it has positively impacted more than 4,000 individuals across various communities.


“Pasal Diriya” School Meal Programme

Pasal Diriya aims to combat child malnutrition in Sri Lanka and improve school attendance. In collaboration with the John Keells Foundation, the project includes constructing essential infrastructure for meal preparation (school kitchens) and establishing in-house ‘school gardens’.


Sustainable Farming and the GAP Farmer Project

Our initiative addresses immediate food challenges while promoting awareness of sustainable agricultural practices. In collaboration with the John Keells Foundation (JKF), the programme provides knowledge and technical support for modern and sustainable farming practices. Twenty-six farmers from communities surrounding our resorts were selected, trained, and equipped with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Additionally, we have implemented a buy-back programme, strengthening our relationships with local suppliers.


Child Protection Awareness Sessions

We are committed to safeguarding our future generations. Through partnerships with the John Keells Foundation (JKF) and LEADS Sri Lanka, we conduct employee awareness sessions on identifying and responding to child abuse incidents. The next phase of our three-year plan involves extending these awareness programmes to the community. In the past financial year, 218 employees participated in these sessions.